Frequently Asked Questions

What are Activities of Daily Living (ADL’s)?


Whether the person can accomplish each activity independently, whether they need partial supervision or assistance and whether they are fully dependent on others

-Personal care, (feeding oneself, bathing, using restroom, dressing etc)

-Mobility: ability to move from a bed to a standing position or to a chair, able to walk or use a wheelchair

What are  Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (IADLs)?

Assess whether the person can accomplish each activity necessary to manage their living environment independently or whether they are dependent on others.
-Shopping for groceries, housekeeping, cooking etc.


What makes Diversified Health Care different from other non-medical homecare providers?

We pride out selves in understanding the needs of each client and their unique situation.  Educations is a core value at Diversified, so we can stay up to date on current  products, medications, and equipment  that might benefit our clients.  We work hard to bring in resources and knowledge to our client so they and their families can make the best decisions.


We have a deep understanding and strong relationship  with the home health agencies, hospice, and the medical community in Baldwin and Mobile counties.  This helps ensure our clients are getting the best care.



What is the minimum amount of hours of service?

Diversified Health Care requires a Three hour minimum, however we do offer a special 1 hour visit. This helps if you just need transportation to doctors appointments.


How do you supervise your Caregivers?


Diversified HC uses a unique system that helps ensure saftey of  your loved one.  We do regular home visits to monitor the clients well being and evaluate the caregivers performance


What are some of things you do for my community?


Diversified HC understands the importance of giving back to the community.  Every year at Christmas, we donate bikes in honor of each employee/cargiver to Merry Christmas Gulf Coast.   This service provides bikes for needy kids who otherwise would not recieve a gift for Christmas.  Over the last few years DHC has donated over $3675 to Merry Christmas Gulf Coast, providing over a hundred bicycles to kids in Mobile and Baldwin counties.


DHC is an active participant in "Healthy Gulf Coast Coalition", to help find a solution to navigating through the healthcare system.  Dhc along with all the major hospitals and assisted livings, long term care facilitys, and local physicians offices.  This group finds better ways to care for each patient as their needs change and move through the healthcare system. 


We serve on the Eastern Shore Chamber of Commerce and support city recreational sports.


We support our local assisted livings, hospitals and community groups by give free health and wellness talks on senior adult care and nutrition.



How do I get started with Diversified Health Care?

Are you in need of Elderly Assistance for Baldwin County? Call today for a free in-home consultation: (251) 990-3995. We at Diversified Health Care are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.