"An AARP survey found  70% of adult children have not talked to their elders about aging. If you are facing these challenges you have options. Don't wait till a fall or hospitalization to discuss these matters."

Signs that it is time to seriously consider getting help

  • Wears same clothes for multiple days


  • Bathing less frequently with personal hygiene suffering


  • Laundry and housekeeping a burden


  • Unable to determine when items need to be trashed


  • Keeping spoiled or outdated food


  • Not bothering to cook for one person, skipping meals


  • No longer able to cook or prepare meals


  • Forgetting regular appointments, dr. appointments


  • Not able to understand and follow instructions given by the doctor


  • Forgetting to take medications 


  • Losing touch with friends and becoming isolated


  • Loss of interest in activities previously enjoyed


  • Repeating questions or statements


  • Leaving the stove on 


  • No longer able to pay bills


  • Easy prey to solicitors and scams


  • Becoming increasingly paranoid or fearful


  • Difficulty getting on and off the toilet

If you have noticed some of these signs, it is time to consider a safer environment for your loved one.


Don't wait to a crisis occurs to have these conversations with your loved one.  You want to have ample time to research the best option for your family member. 



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